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BREDA, THE NETHERLANDS, 19 May 2021 – Today marks the official announcement of Breda Game City’s existence! Breda Game City Foundation focuses on local and international opportunities, aiming to create a professional, healthy, and creative environment for the video games industry in Breda.

Breda Game City

Breda Game City Foundation (BGC) has been established by a diverse team of experts who are connected by awareness of the many untapped opportunities for the video game industry in Breda.

Matthijs van de Laar – BGC chairperson and Twirlbound Co-Founder “During my studies and the start-up phase of our gaming studio I found out how useful a local community can be and how this could be improved in Breda. Such a community is not only useful for game developers themselves, but also the involvement and support of local parties, such as the municipality of Breda, is very valuable at that stage. As Breda Game City, we strive to make it easier for start-ups and existing businesses to use these connections, to capitalise on opportunities, and to partially unburden developers so that they can focus on the development of games.

The foundation’s goal is to put Breda and the South of The Netherlands on the map both nationally and internationally. They do this by increasing the visibility of the versatile talent from Breda and also by finding and/or creating the perfect factors, opportunities, and activities for new and existing businesses in Breda.

Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas) is an important partner to this organisation. Robbie Grigg, director of BUas’s Academy for Games and Media praises this initiative: ‘We are very pleased with the creation of Breda Game City. After graduation most students leave for game studios abroad or elsewhere in the country, but Breda has all important elements a game development hub needs: brilliant alumni, a perfect location in Europe with excellent connectivity, affordable infrastructure, and the characteristic Dutch work ethic combined with a high quality of living. Breda Game City is a good step towards supporting more student start-ups such as Twirlbound and Stitch Heads and to draw bigger studios to the city.

The municipality of Breda is also involved as a partner, as it aims to develop as an International Hotspot for Applied Technology and Creativity. Part of this is to work on encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship together with businesses and knowledge institutions. The Breda Game City initiative matches this ambition and therefore the city has already pledged its support for the coming years.

Aldermen for Economics, social affairs, internationalisation and operation management Boaz Adank about the municipality’s role: “It is Breda’s ambition to be the hub of the South for Applied Technology and Creativity. Together with Breda Game City, we will work to make the business climate in Breda as appealing as possible for this industry. There are some great opportunities in Breda to enrich the existing creative community with businesses which aim to develop games. In an era where gamification and serious gaming see a massive growth this sector should be part of Breda. Especially because we train the talents in this field right here in our city.

About Breda Game City

Breda Game City is a non-profit organisation which aims to promote the video games industry in Breda and to create a professional, healthy and creative environment for this industry.

The founding board consists of Matthijs van de Laar (Chair), Prof. Mata Haggis-Burridge (Treasurer), René Otto (Secretary), Jitske Habekotté (Board member) and Laura van de Mast (Board member). Next to its ties with the City of Breda and BUas, Breda Game City is also partnered with Van Iersel Luchtman Advocaten and Copernica.

Breda is located in the south of The Netherlands, near Eindhoven, Amsterdam and Rotterdam and benefits from excellent international travel connections while having a higher standard of living at a lower cost than in the Randstad area. Breda benefits from having one of the world’s highest rated video game education programmes at BUas – Breda University of Applied Sciences.

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