About us

Breda Game City is a non-profit organization that focuses on elevating the Breda video games industry and creating a professional, healthy & creative environment.


We have an extended network of organisations and individuals that help to establish and scale the ecosystem in and around Breda in a professional way. With direct ties to regional government, business organisations, education, and research, Breda Game City can help get your studio where it needs to be.

In particular, we work closely together with the Gemeente Breda, the Breda University of Applied Studies to meet the needs of students, studios and other parties that are interested in professionally developing in the videogames industry and establishing in Breda.

We commit to finding innovative ways to encourage all organisations to apply healthy, safe and inclusive work environments. We take the example by conducting in the most positive and inclusive way possible and support and encourage a wide range of organisations that focus on these themes.

By exploring and initiating new worldwide opportunities and partnerships continuously, we strive to be a forerunner in making great games and host creative and innovative events.

Our goal is to put Breda on the international video games map by showing what we have to offer in terms of talent and also to create the ideal atmosphere and factors for new companies to establish in Breda. We support the development of studios in Breda, and help become a top hub in the centre of western Europe for game developers to create their best works.

By its atmosphere, location, infrastructure, and much more; Breda offers the perfect mix to be a powerhouse game development hub. 

Breda Game City was founded in 2020 by a team of experts that were connected by our mutual awareness of untapped game development potential in the city of Breda.


Matthijs van de Laar (he/him)

Matthijs is the co-founder and creative director of a Breda-based entertainment game development company, Twirlbound. While in the second year of his International Game Architecture and Design course ...

René Otto (he/him)

René is an award-winning video game lawyer at Van Iersel Luchtman (VIL). At VIL he has founded and leads the only full-service legal team in the Netherlands which focuses on providing legal advice ....

Prof. Mata Haggis-Burridge (he/they)

Mata is an award-winning game designer and writer with over twenty years experience of both AAA and indie development, including ‘Burnout Paradise’, ‘Aliens Versus Predator’ (2010), 'Resident Evil Resistance' ...

Ana Popescu (She/Her)
Board Member

Ana is a Lecturer in Visual Arts at Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas) and a freelance concept artist with experience working in both AAA studios on games such as 'Baldur's Gate 3' and in indie game companies on projects like 'Superfuse' ...

Panji Oudsen (he/him)

Panji is a marketing specialist with a focus on the creative industry, specialising in a wide range of disciplines in marketing, project management and events. As an event manager he has been involved ...

Sabina Dirks (she/her)

After obtaining her master's degree, Sabina has successfully set up and run various companies: including a marketing and communication agency, an employment agency for minorities, a taxi magazine and a food truck. Sabina is now ...