What we do

Our main objective

“Put Breda on the map as a new game city”

In support of this objective the foundation has created a dream, ambition for 2030 and mission statement.


We want Breda to become a renowned place in Western Europe where people in the video game industry (developers and service providers) can live and work for their whole career. It is a city where starting a business, innovating, deal making, sharing knowledge, finding a job, and social life can coexist in harmony. This results in a healthy link between research, industry, education, and society.

Our ambition for 2030

More game companies! Grow towards 20 entertainment game studios that are self-supporting: 10 companies of about 5-20 people and 10 companies of 20+ employees. Close service providers are welcome and applied/serious games studios will be attracted to the ecosystem.

Mission statement

Breda will be the logical choice of location for a new European studio. Starting and sustaining a game company in Breda will be easier, more successful, and more fun than anywhere else.

In further support of the objective the board of the foundation has pinpointed some needs that should be addressed to reach the objective fully.


Create a sense of community and affordable (co-)working spaces, professional and social infrastructure, places to be/learn/work, living labs, meetings/events and networking opportunities in an informal and inclusive local ecosystem.

Tailored support

Every company, student or professional has its own needs and wishes that need to be fulfilled. Thanks to our broad network and vivions, we are able to closely look and act on everybody’s personal needs. We assist established and starting companies in the video game industry by all means possible to contribute to success and growth.

Think outside the Box

Create opportunities and connections with a broad range of fields and professionals which result in out of the box opportunities and approaches. What makes us unique is that we work with an open, creative and inclusive mentality.

Innovative City

Work closely with the government and relevant partners in order to create a professional, accessible and international focused hub in the south of the Netherlands.

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