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Monkey Bubble BV

Since 2019 Monkey Bubble has dedicated itself to innovating and perfecting online productions and creative media to bridge the gap between traditional and digital broadcasting. Together with game publishers they broadcast global competitions and assist in creative marketing.

Dynasty Esports

Dynasty wants to professionalize esports. We want to give gamers and non-gamers the opportunity to make esports their profession. We do this by offering intensive guidance in every area. We want to work on a healthy lifestyle, both in and outside the game.

Stitch Heads

Stitch Heads Entertainment is an indie game development studio based in the Netherlands, Breda and founded in 2015. The company aims to establish an internal benchmark of Stitch Head’s goals to deliver well-designed, polished and highly enjoyable entertainment experiences.
Sassybot logo


Sassybot is an independent game development studio based in Breda and founded by BUAS IGAD alumni. It is in Sassybot’s veins to create, experiment, learn, grow, and have fun. Sassybot has previously released Fragments of Him on PC, Xbox One & PS4 and is now working on Winkeltje.


QUB3Z is here to show off the incredible power of Gen-Z! This amazing generation will change the face of the world. At QUB3Z we provide a home worthy of their praise. Here people can express themselves in all their creativity. At QUB3Z, everyone will Play, Work & Talk!
Split Polygon

Split Polygon

An independent game development studio, and the company behind Interstellar Rift


An entertainment game development company crafting colorful open world games with a lot of heart.
Traverse research

Traverse Research

Traverse research is a graphics and game development research and development studio located in the heart of Breda with a mission to make Breda a game development power house.


An indie game duo from Breda about to release their first commercial project.
Apollo Journey

Apollo Journey

At Apollo Journey, we focus on the creation of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Interactive Applications. We strongly believe in co-creating with our clients as the knowledge they carry is key during our creative process. We will realize your digital dreams together.