Breda Game City at gamescom 2022 with prosperous gaming studios

BREDA, THE NETHERLANDS, August 10, 2022 – Breda Game City Foundation will be attending this year’s gamescom in Cologne, Germany! Representing 10+ companies from Breda and region, Breda Game City plans to make an exciting presence as the newest West-European videogame city. Breda Game City at gamescomBreda Game City (BGC) is on a mission to […]

Join our Breda Booth at gamescom 2022 (B2B)

Breda Game City is proud to announce that we are able to bring an enthusiastic and talented delegation to a new physical edition of gamescom. Thanks to the Gemeente Breda, we are able to support this delegation, making it available and affordable for all types of studios in the area to have a spot in […]

Breda Game City Showcase

Join us at our first physical event and discover the ins and outs of our local games industry. 7 April 2022, Qub3z. See what Breda Region has to offer!

Join us on the international stage!

We are currently developing our internalization strategy and trying to understand the needs, possibilities and wishes for our Breda stakeholders. For now, we are focusing on the two mayor international game conferences: Gamescom (August, Koln) and Game Developers Conference (March, San Francisco). We are also looking into potentially attending a third option: WASD (April, London). […]

Breda Game City Booth at gamescom 2021 a great succes!

During gamescom / devcom 2021 Breda Game City (BGC) hosted a digital booth and offered a Breda delegation the opportunity to attend the conference, showcasing amazing companies from Breda. Twirlbound, Sassybot, Viscacha Studios, Raidflux, Stitch Heads, Van Iersel Luchtman, and other Breda companies joined our delegation with a selection of their best projects. BGC’s presence […]

Breda Game City supports Breda studios at gamescom 2021

BREDA, THE NETHERLANDS, July 27 – 2021 – Breda Game City announces its presence at this year’s gamescom & devcom, where they will attend with a Breda delegation and host a digital Breda booth to connect the city’s talent with a worldwide audience! Breda Game City (BGC), the foundation that aims at putting the Dutch […]