Breda Game City announces partnership with Dynasty Esports

BREDA, THE NETHERLANDS, June 8, 2023 – Breda Game City and Dynasty Esports partnering up to strengthen the esports environment in Breda. 

Breda Game City X Dynasty Esports
Breda Game City was founded to support and grow the video game industry in the Breda region. Even though the primary focus of Breda Game City’s strategy is focused on AAA game development, we also support every other dimension of the overall games industry such as serious games, esports, AI, VR/AR, etc.  In order to give strength to the rapidly growing esports community,  Breda Game City has partnered up with Dynasty Esports in a multi-year cooperation agreement. Together with Dynasty Esports, the aim is to better incorporate and involve esports in the Breda region, by sharing knowledge, network and concrete actions on this topic.

Dynasty Esports is a Breda based esports association comparable with a Dutch traditional sport association, with the aim to professionalize esports and its players in the Netherlands. They offer talented gamers opportunities to develop towards a career in esports. Dynasty Esports has been active since 2018 in the highest competitive level in the Netherlands. 

Furthermore, Dynasty Esports has ties to the Gezond Gamen foundation, which aims to help gamers in their search for personal and professional development through gaming, and fights the negative stigma around games. 

Dynasty Esports owner Max van Kuipers: ‘’Partnering up with Breda Game City gives us the opportunity to share our knowledge and network and implement it to Breda Game City’s long term strategy to serve the multiple facets of the Breda games industry. In return, we can take our organization to the next level, and enlarge our goals and initiatives, such as the annual Breda Esports Conference.’’ 

Breda Game City chairperson Matthijs van de Laar: ‘’Having Dynasty Esports as our go-to esports partner means we now have a professional and hands-on approach to one of the most dynamic and fast growing aspects of the Dutch games industry. Dynasty Esports’ s and Breda Game City’s shared mission, approach, and eye for the social impact make this partnership a synergetic fit that will add value to the entire local and global ecosystem.’’ 

The collaboration between Breda Game City and Dynasty Esports has already come to fruition. Together, they successfully lobbied to have the Dutch Student League Finals of 2023 take place in Breda for the very first time last weekend. During these finals, the top Dutch collegiate League of Legends players competed for a prize pool of €5,000.

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