Breda Game City Booth at gamescom 2021 a great succes!

During gamescom / devcom 2021 Breda Game City (BGC) hosted a digital booth and offered a Breda delegation the opportunity to attend the conference, showcasing amazing companies from Breda. Twirlbound, Sassybot, Viscacha Studios, Raidflux, Stitch Heads, Van Iersel Luchtman, and other Breda companies joined our delegation with a selection of their best projects.

BGC’s presence at gamescom 2021 achieved two of the foundation’s most important goals: supporting Breda videogame professionals in their careers and offering international companies information about Breda’s outstanding factors that make it a perfect city to establish a business in.

By supporting these local businesses we help to expand their international network, learn from peers, and to give interviews to video game industry journalists. During the conference BGC created the opportunity for participants to showcase their company, products and services to a worldwide audience. With over 10 sessions held and 200 plus individual booth visits 100% of the participants state that they had successfully extended their international network.

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